CUI is operating a COVID safe access policy to help manage social distancing and contact tracing.

All access is being managed by the CUI staff rather than via the PPMS booking system.

We hope to return to a more normal operating model in the coming months.

Until then please email to discuss your project and access requirements and for grant applications requiring electron microscopy,

Please also send any relevant literature references or queries to

Plan the project with us

Once we’ve received your request, we will meet with you to discuss your project in more detail and to plan the best experimental approach to generate the data you need.

At this stage we will agree a cost for your work and ask you to confirm funding arrangements (eg grant code or account code).

Complete the project application form

After the discussion about your project, you will need to complete the online project application form and submit for review. In the project application form you will need to give a brief description of the work you wish to carry out and what you expect to achieve using electron microscopy (EM). It will help us chose the best techniques for your project if you can include literature references relevant to either your project or the EM experiments you want to carry out.

We welcome new job requests at any time. We aim to respond to initial requests within three to four weeks.

Submit a project proposal

To ensure we give the best help and support to research, King’s CUI Strategic Advisory Committee will help us review and prioritise projects.

EM experiments

Following approval of your proposal, we will schedule your work based on instrument choice and the technical support needed. We will advise you when your work is likely to start and finish.

End of the project

Once the project has been completed we will return all samples (including resin blocks and grids) to you. Images will be stored in a digital image database to which you will be given access to collect your images.

Next steps

We hope that your work with us benefits your research through greater understanding at the ultrastructural level.

We will be pleased to support you in preparation of publications, conference presentations and grant applications to make sure that you gain the most from electron microscopy.