Users can view their own specimens. CUI staff will train users to view their specimens before unsupervised use of the instruments is allowed. The level of training and the time required will vary depending on the instrument used. Users are prohibited from training other users. Only CUI staff can train new users.

Equipment and techniques

Decisions about the techniques and equipment to be used will be made during a meeting with the director and operations manager.   

For guidance, please refer to the Project Overview flow diagram on the CUI website. 


After completing training, users can book further microscope usage by emailing Sessions are normally three hours 9.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30. Please advise if longer or shorter sessions are required. Independent users will be able to book their own sessions using our booking system.

Cancellation policy

Users can cancel a booking by contacting our staff. Please give 24 hours’ notice. If users are more than 30 minutes late for a booking, they should contact the unit, or the session will be cancelled, and instrument time will be charged as normal.

Image storage policy

JEOL JEM 1400 Flash, JEM 2200FS, JEM F200, JSM 7800/3View, JSM 7800 Prime and JCM7000 Neoscope instruments are connected to a remote image server running the IMS image database and image curation system. Images should be immediately transferred to this at the end of a session leaving the image acquisition computer free for the next operator. Researchers will be given instruction on how to download their images from this site. IMS provides a secure data management solution; however, it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure they back up images. 

Pen-drives and external hard drives are not permitted in the centre. Data left on instrument computers will be deleted after 72 hours. Access to scratch space and upload to OneDrive can be provided for temporary storage. 

Publication and acknowledgement policy

The use of the Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging at King’s College London is required to be acknowledged in all publications, presentations and press releases resulting from this work. 

Where a significant contribution has been identified, you will be expected to acknowledge the contribution of CUI staff by way of authorship, in accordance with the Core Facilities Fair Publication Policy.

All images for publication purposes used should be reviewed and approved between CUI staff and researchers to ensure consistent high standards.

Publications that include data generated in the centre should be shared with the CUI to assist and improve metrics.

Other rules

Internet use is prohibited on acquisition computers.